Bigpond Webmail Blocking Spam Mail

Bigpond webmail service is one of the most common use webmail used by Australian users.

Bigpond Webmail Blocking Spam Mail

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Bigpond Webmail Blocking Spam Mails
  • January 01, 2019

Short for electronic mail, e-mail is a method of exchanging messages with the help of an electronic device. First introduced in 1960 and was widely recognized as e-mail since mid-1970. E-mail is a crucial part of official communication which is cheap, fast and easily accessible. Email significantly benefits businesses as it provides effective and efficient ways to pass on all kinds of electronic data. Thus, e-mail has become an important part of everyone lives. Writing an e-mail is similar to writing a letter, just instead of pen you use an electronic device; keyboard. This in-turn has reduced the need of using paper, which is great initiative towards saving environment.

Bigpond is one of the largest telecommunication service provider in Australian market, its vision is to provide exemplary services to its customer base as it is one of the most used e-mail service in Australia.

As e-mail services are becoming essential part of business, they are now widely used as a platform for electronic marketing. Most of the marketing e-mails have no relevant information and users would want to block these unnecessary e-mails from getting into their account. A chunk of Bigpond customer base is not pleased with receiving these spam e-mails flooding their mailboxes. These spam e-mails might also bring a lot of Malware and spyware along which may cause damage to computers.

Here are the steps for blocking spam e-mails entering inbox of Bigpond e-mail users:

1. Users to login to the Bigpond e-mail account using their username and password. If they want to create a new account then they need to go to the Bigpond home page and create new account by clicking on the link provided in the homepage.

2. Once logged in, then the user need to access the settings of the e-mail account.

3. Users to select manage account option from the drop down menu.

4. Users then need to select the filters and reporting option.

5. Once filters and reporting option is selected, the user should then select the option “Block the email addresses I specify”

6. User to enter the specific email addresses that they want to be blocked as spam mails.

Following the steps mentioned above should ultimately block the incoming traffic of spam e-mails into users Bigpond Email Account providing them with an amazing and stress-free service.

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